It's a GO, for realz

Best update so far...  CysticGal surgery is started.  Her incision is made.  CysticParents are on the scene.  Storm in Charlotte held up the plane.  CysticParents sound tired.  Friend T^Money is still on the scene too.  Thanks for all of the warm fuzzies and prayers and all.


  1. Woo hoo!!! Can't wait to hear more in the morning!
    Love from Bethlehem, PA

  2. Beth, You are in great hands. I can't wait to hear from you after this is all said and done. If you are still in the hospital the next time I have my appointment, I will stop in and say hi. I am hoping and praying for a smooth surgery and quick recovery.

  3. Wonderful news! Adding you to my prayers tonight, and tomorrow...and the next day!

  4. Thanks for the updates - prayers and hopes and everything xxxooo

  5. wahoooooooo sending so much love and positive energy to her and to the amazing donor family!!! so happy for her!!!

  6. I am so proud of you!!! So very much! I can hardly contain my's your turn and your time to shine so BRING IT!!! I love you friend!

  7. A long time blog 'lurker' from UK but coming out to wish you love and light as you embark on this next amazing chapter in your life !


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