Saturday, December 10, 2011

Loveliness and Weirdness

*This image was randomly found when googling the blog title.

It is so appropriate to my week!

It is soppropriate.

Kitty Sleeps

*This is a picture of me and the Beckitty in the Winter.

We will remain this way until April.

This has been a strange and wonderful week in the world of CysticGal. There are some things that I want to share, but cannot yet. There are some things that I want to share, but cannot – period. And there are some things that I can share. Perhaps I’ll start with those.

I’ve done a few speaking events lately, and they have all been really wonderful. In unrelated news, many of my CF and/or transplant friends have been having a hard time, particularly parents of little ones. Then, there have been other things going on in my work and personal (non-blog) life. This has all made for a very emotionally confusing week. It has also made my statcounter stats skyrocket – so I feel compelled to post a post for you.

Without too many details, perhaps I can revert to my old favorite – a Top Ten List. Take these as advice / public commentary or personal reflection.

Top Ten Things Random Thoughts of This Week.

1. It is better to have a job than to not have a job. Even if you don’t need a job, you should probably get a job, because really, everyone needs to have a job.

2. The best kind of boyfriends to have are either ex boyfriends or a new boyfriends. This thought has been thoroughly researched among women ages 30-39, and we have voted. We agree.

2.5. Men in their early forties place a lot of emphasis on the role of their facial hair, and top-of-head hair, in their overall effective fashion of hotness. This is an endless curiosity to all women, at all times, because our attention to this issue begins at age 10 and lasts until approximately age 75.

3. There were too many Holiday parties this week.

3.5 When I come home late or am otherwise too lazy to cook, I wrap honey ham around sharp cheddar and call it “Cheese in a blanket.”

4. Eventually, mean people will move on, die off, or be made to submit to nicer behavior. You must help them choose one of these three paths or you must choose the first for yourself.

5. It is not ladylike to  say rude things on the streets of Brookline, Mass. This is a place where you may only give icy glares and slam the door on your way gracefully walk into the Body Shoppe, purchase an ample supply of Body Butter ™ , then brunch yourself at Zaftigs while reveling in your ladylike-ness while eating some some sort of Benedict.

6. If you are out of the house more than 2 weeknights in one week, your cat will poop somewhere she shouldn’t to punish you for being a human being.

7. Country music is depressing even when sung to an upbeat rhythm. Listening to country music may result in inappropriate texting, photo-album-looking or memorabilia burning.

8. Accidentally hitting on a waiter is never, ever worth the entertainment and may in fact result in being called for a date by a waiter. In worst case scenarios, one may end up dating a waiter.*This did not happen this week.

9. Interview clothing is really all about the panty hose and a sensible heel.

10. If at first your blog post ends up more shallow than you planned, try – try again.

Yours in bloggin’,


Thursday, December 1, 2011


Good post, bad post

Happy post, sad post.

Iron & Wine post.


They will see us waving from such great heights
"Come down now," they'll say
But everything looks perfect from far away
"Come down now," but we'll stay.