Wednesday, June 6, 2012

International Readers, "Whaazzzuuupp?"

129, 884 !!!

Some of you may not know that Cystic Gal enjoys a healthy international readership. Today, alone, I have readers from Vietnam, West Africa, Germany, Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa, the UK and Australia. WOW. I wonder what I wrote about last time that drew so much attention! 

Some other night/week/time of great energy, I will publish a better post about my stats like I used to. But here are some interesting, recent facts:

The international readers as listed above!

The most viewed post is still "Florence Nightingale Syndrome: What Can it Do for YOU?" 

The second most viewed is the page for the entire month of my actual Transplant, July 2010. 

The third most viewed post is "About CG the person and blog." 

Most readers come to my blog thru: 
1. Google Search for me!
2. My gal
3. Blogger itself refers readers to me.

Most people searching for content, find my blog by searching for:
1. "Top Ten Causes of Stress"
2. "Florence Nightingale Syndrome" - Only one post. I guess it was a good one. I still wonder if the subject of the post has ever read the post... 
3. 7% Hypertonic Saline - interesting because I didn't write about it that much, and almost never took it, due to the fact that I couldn't tolerate it. 

Most people leave my site via 3 different scholarly articles about CF or transplant. I won't list them here because it will seem like I am endorsing them more than others. What did I learn? You all like to read medical articles. 

*A lot of you also go directly to our NPR interviews! 

**A LOT of you zoom in on pics of my cat. YOU LOVE THEM!

YAY! Thanks for reading everyone! So far I have a total of... 
129, 884 VISITS!!!

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