The Long Doctors' Appointment, It is an honor to meet me.

I had a long doctors' appointment today and it did not go well. All of my shit came back shitty. Except some of my blood work was good. So that's good. "I've got that going for me," as they say.

I don't want to get into the details of what went wrong at my appointment or what's going wrong with my health. Instead, let's focus on the toll these long demanding appointments take. I was trying to calculate in my head, how many of these high stakes, invasive appointments have a I endured over my lifetime? I am almost 40. So the minimum I would say is 80. In the time just before and after my transplant, most times I had to go to the doctor at least once a week. So, let's add another, say, 24 appointments there. Right now, I got about once a month, 12 more appointments. During my leave of absence this year, I had 17 appointments over 25 days off. The math goes on and on.

The math is just as exhausting as the appointments are so let's just say I have …

Is this thing on?

I am thinking of revamping and reviving this blog in the service of some writing projects. Are your there, audience? Leave me a comment and say hello.

I am sad. I miss my cat. Moving is hard. I miss my family.

Carry On

So, I chose last week to proactively address my high stress level, which pretty much landed me in the ER last Monday afternoon, just before the bombs went of in Boston.

Suffice to say that I have not lowered my stress level at all this week.

And I don't want to write trite phrases about how the world is not a bad place, and most people are good, or Bible verses for you (though I do feel all of those ways right now in addition to a million other ways.)

Here is the thing I am going to cull from this week into this discussion about stress - big leap or not.

Tip #2: You cannot control the world around you, or the people around you, or the way that those people interact with that world. And something else - you cannot control your feelings either. You can only control your actions in response to your world, these people, your feelings.

You should feel the things you feel, and let yourself work out what to do with the feelings, when you are ready and fully able to work out what that &quo…

Stress Buster: Long Time, No Blog

I am trying to cut the stress in my life in a more aggressive way.
Uh oh, aggressive is a stressful word.

I am trying to cut the stress in my life in a more aggressive pro-active way.

I will share with you one thing I did each day to cut my stress.

The first thing I did was email my friend Chicken Patty^, who knows a lot about stress-busting, to ask her advice. She told me,
"Stress, to review, can be mental, emotional, physical, infection, blah blah blah, you know the list. Make your body happy- keep the food & hydration consistent (hunger & dehydration add metabolic stress) and sleep as much as your body wants. When you're not sleeping, rest. Put on your big robe and pet your cat, do the things that put you at ease. The cortisol levels can shoot up fast, but It takes a few days to get them back down." So, the thing I tell you first in order to bust your stress:

STEP 1: Cut a hole in box. Reach out to your smart, healthy friends. (Health can be mental, emotional, …
If people 
wanted you to write warmly about 
them, they should've behaved
better.” - Anne Lamott

International Readers, "Whaazzzuuupp?"

129, 884 !!!

Some of you may not know that Cystic Gal enjoys a healthy international readership. Today, alone, I have readers from Vietnam, West Africa, Germany, Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa, the UK and Australia. WOW. I wonder what I wrote about last time that drew so much attention! 
Some other night/week/time of great energy, I will publish a better post about my stats like I used to. But here are some interesting, recent facts:
The international readers as listed above!
The most viewed post is still "Florence Nightingale Syndrome: What Can it Do for YOU?" 
The second most viewed is the page for the entire month of my actual Transplant, July 2010. 
The third most viewed post is "About CG the person and blog." 
Most readers come to my blog thru:  1. Google Search for me! 2. My gal 3. Blogger itself refers readers to me.
Most people searching for content, find my blog by searching for: 1. "Top Ten Causes of Stress" 2. "Fl…