Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crazy-Ass Disclaimer Section

It's been a weird couple of days in real life and in blogland. What is the nerdy computer monitor lady joke-- What is the difference between the internet and real life? Answer- There is no difference.

This is a personal blog. It's not a professional website. It doesn't have any particular aim or mission or secret agenda. I write stuff on here when I feel like writing it, and post stuff that I feel like posting, and share stuff that I feel like sharing.

One day, I shared a video of me pretending to be a fairy for Halloween.

Another day, I shared my thoughts on mortality and CF.

I'm just a nutso like that. So... here are my basic disclaimers (below) and I add to them these:

1) I don't really want any sort of websitey, computery, htmlie feedback. Write to the google corporation regarding all your blogger woes.
2) I won't really be addressing any sort of "I can't believe you said that, how dare you, when my five year old reads this she is going to shoot herself," emails. You are in charge of keeping your five year old off of my oh-so-scary website (and away from guns if I'm gonna stick with this example)
3) Be nice to me.
4) I am quite bright. Evaluate this before writing to me with any sort of a tone. I don't like a tone. Tone-less is best.

and the others....for your review.

a) At times, I use "foul" language on my f'ing blog. Please remember that you are not required to read my blog. b) I am not a doctor and I have never even played one on tv. There are days when I don't believe in Western Medicine, but I always believe in Unicorns. Use your judgment. c) Carly Simon was right, "You're so vain, I bet you think this song is about you." If I don't use your real, for real, seriously birth certificate name on here, I'm not talking about you. d) This writing is my property unless I quote something and cite it. So unless you've lived my fabulous CG Life, you can cannot steal my CG words or CG ideas or CGisms and post them anywhere. Unless you CG cite me. Yeah. e) Email me with any question at f) Please do not use my blog as your political toilet. g) I am not a doctor. h) have a wonderful day.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

6 month transplantiversary, and the end of Thank You Card Project 2010

Hello loyal readers!

On 1/27, I passed a transplant milestone- 6 months since my transplant! The greatest celebration was that on my 6 month bronchoscopy, I don’t have any signs of rejection. That makes 6 months full of bronchoscopies, no rejection so far. This is big news because rejection in the first six months to a year is the most concerning, though likely I will have some form of rejection at some point – don’t we all?

Chuckle, chuckle.

I have also gone back to work on a part time basis for the Wheelock Family Theatre, as well as Watertown High School, where I used to teach English and Drama. I am directing “Guys and Dolls,” and I’m happy to say that I have one of the nicest high school casts I’ve had so far . . . that is to say, so far so far. We are early in our process Smile

Other than that, I am spending lots of social time and sort of re-learning how to be busy and keep my shit together, psychologically, medically, organizationally.
Another milestone- is that I have lost my Thank You Card List from transplant time. So suffice it to say, that I am deeply grateful for every bit of support that I received from family, friends, blog readers, and even strangers. If I did not have the chance to write to you personally, please know that I thank you for your support, for pictures of your pets, from post cards around the world, for poem and personal stories, and most of all, I am deeply thankful to my donor.

Have a great day,