Friday, February 24, 2012

Most Influencial Bloggers . . . What Do You Think?

Today my girl Amy and I discovered that we, and many of our bloggies, have been named in a list of 12 CF bloggers as most influential.  They conducted a new-media study during 2009/2010, and the results were published more recently.

I was happy to review this listing because I think that it, on the whole, accurately describes the sphere of influence that some bloggers had. I DO NOT like that Novartis / CLIO Healthcare made up a "fictional patient" which I most likely interacted with. I think that is just unethical and ... weird.

So, look at the study - what do you think?

Note that my statistics as listed in the report are quite dated.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hey, thanks!

Guess what I got for Valentine’s Day?


I got a bloggy award from my friend Amy!  She has a great blog at

Amy encourages me to write more often – or like, at all – so perhaps I shall. Bloggy life has changed for me a bit, I must say, now that I am back to teaching full time. I feel a little less apt to put it all out there than I did before. However, just last week I did a guest lecture for my friend’s AP Bio class and it was awesome – and I showed them my blog an the NPR interview and all the other internettie stuff at the end of the lecture, and they loved it. It felt great to teach kids the science of CF along with some real-life anecdotal stories. It is always a big learning experience for ME to remember that there is so much that most don’t understand about CF, and so much that is in some ways illogical when we first learn of it.

In other news, how about those new drug approvals?