Sunday, September 12, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggetty Jig

This'll be yet another quick post to hopefully launch me into posting more often. I finally arrived home on Thursday late afternoon, and I have been enjoying the joys, rest and calm of home along with the very busy busy busy ness of taking my meds and exercising and resting. Like a lot of other post-transplanters, I actually am finding the pills easy to manage compared to home IVs or nebulizers or the bipap nap - but the meds themselves (and still some pain meds) make me tired in the head, and the exercise and general rebuild-CG-plan (uh... plus the 5 surgeries) make me pretty sore in the morning.... til like noon. Then I feel pretty good the rest of the day.

My mom and I are having a pretty good time learning how to cook with less fat, and after so many weeks of barely eating at all, I'm finding that low fat or no-fat foods taste yummy enough to me. Weird.

I've started scar lotions for ALL of my scars from the IV lines, drains, and surgeries. Aye Aye Aye. I swear it looks like a baby bird made footprints across from stomach from the drain scars and their stitches' scars. But they are going away.... they will go away!! My BIG scar still has some of the staples in it, so it has not yet begun to be potioned or lotioned, but I think it's going to heal very very well.

So that's my story for today. Goodnight!!


  1. Sounds like there is grand success all around. And I think you should market a scar-be-gone lotion called "Potion or Lotion." I'd buy it.

  2. yay you! yay lungs! yay scars! yay...low fat?

    um, okay so maybe that last one is a stretch, but DEFINITELY yay you! love and light for a peaceful and steady recovery period, CG. i can sense your ever-growing fabulousness all the way from here.

  3. A baby bird making footprints is such an accurate description of the chest tube scars, amazing! So glad you're home

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  5. Baby bird footprints is way nicer than what my sister called them; alien scars! HAHA! So happy you are home. The post-transplant drug "fog" will slowly start to go away. I promise!

  6. When I got home from my transplant, sugar tasted weird to me. I got some frozen yogurt (Ted Drewes in St Louis) and it just

    Almost like it was chemically. It was random like that for about 2-4 weeks if I remember correctly.

    I've estimated that I've single handedly kept the GERM-X hand sanitizer company in business in the past 3 years. They have huge 30-40oz bottles for $4 which i use to refill the 12 oz hand pump in each room around the house and
    the dozen of 3 oz bottles that are literally all over the place, bags, cars, jackets, if there's a pocket there's probably one there.

    The biggest thing to me was not touching my face after touching something contaminated. Which is basically everything, door knobs, walls, the fridge door, or cabinet handle.

    Basically everything that other (germy) people touch. So I always keep a tiny one on me, and I end up using it several times during meals, whenever I touch menus, or anything else.

    I typically squirt some on the table when I go out and wipe around with a napkin right when I sit down.

    Its worked well, I've had maybe 2-2 colds post transplant, since Nov 2007. I have my girlfriend (@b1rd),a ton of credit for this, I swear she has a 6th sense about when I've touched something potentially germy.

    Anyways, glad to hear you're back home and not being subject to random blood pressure and temp checks every 4 hours.

    -Chris Falco


  7. I am so so so happy that you have (I assume??) been reunited with Beckett. Yay!

  8. Growing up (I have cf too) I was always told to eat low-fat or fat-free, so all that stuff is what I find delicious now :) Yumm happy cooking!!!


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