Saturday, January 29, 2011


spellling all wrong. 

so on my recent bronch (6 months woot woot), they found a teeny tiny bit of aspirtghillis infection. So, I have to take Amphotericin nebs, which is you don't recall, is the nasty yellow foamy neb from right after tx, that has a weird consistency and sorta sputters out of the neb at the beginning and end and if you're not careful, it stains stuff.

Have any of you taken it later after tx? for how long and what were your side effects? thx!



  1. I took it after transplant once a day for like 4 days. I haven't had any fungus show up though. That stuff was gross! I'm sorry you have to do it!

  2. I did it for a while after transplant. i dont remember any bad side effects though, but I dont remember liking doing it.


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