Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hello World!

oh look, it's me lately. 

I have been absent from my blog for a long long time. I am sorry. I have been very  busy enjoying life with my new lungs!

Since last I wrote, the documentary series I was working on with Catie Talarski of WNPR has aired. You can see the link to the latest episode here:
The first episode, is aired here: .
The show was so well-recieved, that is has been slightly re-edited, and found its first syndication, here:

Sadly, the other CF patient that I was being interviewed "alongside" - though we never met in person - passed away.  Brian Sercus died from Cystic Fibrosis shortly after he decided to be evaluated for lung transplant, but before he was able to receive one. He died as a brave, hilarious, amazing mentor to me in so many ways. Some would say that he "lost the battle," but I would say that he won, that he earned, that he fought for a life worth living - and he got that life. As he said in the documentary, Brian "took the time [he] had . . . made the most of it the time [he] had . . . time with friends, time with family, just [tried] to be happy for every day. [He] did what [he]wanted to do. [He] did it." How many of us can say we truly do that?

Also since last I wrote, I returned to the theatre where I teach drama in the summers, and taught a very hectic and wonderful and zany bunch of classes. It was thrilling and exhausting and also made me feel at home - back in rehearsal with children.  This fall, I am opening two plays, one at the high school, and one at the professional theatre where I am assisting the director. It's been pretty great. The high school kids are writing their own play, and I can honestly say we are having the MOST fun I've had in rehearsal in a long time - and it looks like the play will be pretty great, too. Double bonus!

On the health front, I had my one year bronchoscopy, and I was clear of rejection and infection. YAY!

On the personal front, well . . . that's none of your business. :)

I've been happy to keep reading emails and corresponding with y'all, and please still feel free to email me at - anytime. And if I don't reply right away, email me again. I don't mind. I'm forgetful.

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  1. Miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  2. No I miss you more! For all the online chatting, I sometimes forget I have not seen you in real life in quite a while! xxoo to my #1 cyster. Tied with Steph. And Jess. And Piper.


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