Friday, February 24, 2012

Most Influencial Bloggers . . . What Do You Think?

Today my girl Amy and I discovered that we, and many of our bloggies, have been named in a list of 12 CF bloggers as most influential.  They conducted a new-media study during 2009/2010, and the results were published more recently.

I was happy to review this listing because I think that it, on the whole, accurately describes the sphere of influence that some bloggers had. I DO NOT like that Novartis / CLIO Healthcare made up a "fictional patient" which I most likely interacted with. I think that is just unethical and ... weird.

So, look at the study - what do you think?

Note that my statistics as listed in the report are quite dated.

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  1. Yeah the fictional guy is a little weird. But I am OK with it....ummm I think? lol

    I was very excited when fellow recipient Cara sent me a message and just had to pass it on to everyone!!!!!

    Congrats to us lol

  2. I am happy that there is now a platform where we can voice our feelings...yes that fictitious patient thing was weird.keep discussing more issues here.Medical Billing Software


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