Friday, April 6, 2012

To blog or not to blog, that is the question

 Hello, Tiny Bloggy.

I am pretty sure that I have used that title before, perhaps even two times.

Lately, there have been a lot of transplantiversaries of a lot of my friends, and also, a share of sad events from our transplant community. Anniversaries of deaths, new diagnosis, etc. As these issues have cropped up, I realized that a lot of my bloggies from a couple of years ago don't blog anymore, or much anymore - and of course I am one of them. These non-bloggers.

A lot has been going on in my CF advocacy life this year, including speaking at a few events and starting to plan an event for my former/current CF center centered around THE POWER OF TWO movie that Ana and Isa made - all very good.

I have started a couple of non-health writing projects, I left one of the theatre companies I used to work for and have moved on to working for two others, and things have solidified a bit at my "day job" teaching including planning a new program for the summer. YAY.

My best friend is having a baby all on her own and we are so excited! I have the privilege of being her birthing partner, and I cannot wait for the experience. We took our first Birthing Class last week, and clearly I was the best "husband" in the place.

So, I wonder about a return to blogging. The pros to returning to blogging are thus:

1. Blogging is fun
2. Blogging is expressive.
3. Blogging connects me to lots of people at once  when there are times that I am too busy to keep up with it all.

The cons to blogging are these:

1. People tend to over analyze my blog and call me with random comments on it.
2. Since I'm back teaching now and my students are mostly stalkers, they may/may not read this.
3. Can I really commit to blogging nightly or weekly?

The reasons that I am pondering coming back aboard are that I am having a lot of post transplant issues, from a social/emotional/brainy perspective. My health has been mostly stellar (except that I blame every stomach problem I have on the fact that the new enzymes all blow), but I have more anxiety now than I did before my transplant. Hmm. Then again, I have more going on now than I did before my transplant.

Also, I like to have a venue upon which to publish pictures of my cat.



  1. I miss reading your blog posts!!!! But I can't say much as I can go weeks without a post as well. Life happens and maybe its just a slow start back into it that would help you?

  2. Come baaaaaackkkk...Maybe via the same members-only route as before, with regards to the student issue? I think you can call yourself a blogger and only blog when you feel like it; or NOT call yourself a blogger if you choose and still just use this little corner of the interwebs as you so desire for venting and Caturday and such - it's not like somebody's going to get all OHEMGEE if you only blog every now and then. Blog as you damn well please, or as you don't - but selfishly, I'm hoping as you do :)

  3. I'm struggling with the blogging myself. It's tough to put yourself out there and feel so exposed. But I feel that if I'm not completely real with my readers, then what's the point of doing it? I was being really consistent, but the last couple of posts were so intimate, I felt like I had to step away. I think the nature of your blog is kind of the same in a weird way. You're opening a window into your life for the world to see. But I think, in the end, it's great for your readers and probably pretty cathartic for you. I love your blog. It's beautiful. Do what makes you feel good!. xoxo


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