Sunday, April 21, 2013

Carry On

So, I chose last week to proactively address my high stress level, which pretty much landed me in the ER last Monday afternoon, just before the bombs went of in Boston.

Suffice to say that I have not lowered my stress level at all this week.

And I don't want to write trite phrases about how the world is not a bad place, and most people are good, or Bible verses for you (though I do feel all of those ways right now in addition to a million other ways.)

Here is the thing I am going to cull from this week into this discussion about stress - big leap or not.

Tip #2: You cannot control the world around you, or the people around you, or the way that those people interact with that world. And something else - you cannot control your feelings either. You can only control your actions in response to your world, these people, your feelings.

You should feel the things you feel, and let yourself work out what to do with the feelings, when you are ready and fully able to work out what that "doing" will be. Some verbs come easier than others. Sometimes we just have to accept the way that we can Be while we work out what we can Do. 

We can also choose positive energies, positive thoughts, positive words, over negative intentions, images, or sensory input that is all throughout our world.

Tomorrow many of my students go back to school. I saw a few in town today and it was hard, how to speak of such unspeakable horrors? How to articulate or cause to articulate the nightmare that we wish had never been dreamt?

I like this song.


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