Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hospital Haircut!

If you're in the hospital and feelin' sorta frumpy, try getting a haircut! I've been here for a month, and before that, I had only been out a few weeks! I feel like I've been here since August and my hair was suffering! Until today, I got a hairstylist from a shop in the hospital's neighborhood to come to my room and spruce up my 'do:

Word on the street is I might get out of the hospital tomorrow! YAY! I will start a pulmonary rehab program next week, and spend some much needed time at home with my cats and my Mom while wait to get the call to come back in for transplant surgery!! I hope it comes soon!

More soon,


  1. Did John hook this up? He and Charles are the bestest.

  2. Your hair looks awesome, and you look very dramatic also. Love you!

  3. looks spiffy. glad to hear you'll be going home!

  4. You look super, Missy!


  5. Great haircut!!! And great way to pass the time during the hospital! I hope you are home!

  6. Yep, Dad, John hooked it up. Three cheers to your use of the word "bestest" !


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