Monday, November 30, 2009

daily daily cha cha cha

I'm going to try to get back into the habit of daily posts even if I think that I don't have a lot to say and even though my energy level is poo poo pooey lately. I had a great thanksgiving and even enjoyed a tiny day of beauty with my mom on saturday. We got manicures and went for pizza and bought a sweater for my cat B-Kitty who is always Cold because she is Old.

I wonder if I haven't been doing as many free flowing posts because now I know that a lot more people that I actually KNOW in real life are reading my blog. I had 600 unique readers last week and 200 of them were NEW. Holy pajoly, that's a whole lot of new readers. But then again if they're here reading it means they want to know what I'm thinking even if I'm thinking random thoughts.

I'm getting more and more ready for the tx everyday. I've been practicing the relaxation rituals and plug in my ipod every night so I can bring my songs with me to the hospital. I'm getting sick of waiting and wonder how many other people are there in the region with my same height and weight and state of illness. What if there are a lot? I don't think there could be a lot.

My family is settling in on all their plans to come here for Christmas and I am so very excited to host them. I also wonder, will I have my new lungs by then? I've been having lots of visitors over here- well not a lot of different people but a steady stream of the close close people and that is ENOUGH. My muzzy and I are getting along so very well. What else to write about? I don't know.

I'm getting a mssage today. One thing the BiPap does that I can't seem to get around is that it makes my neck hurt because the straps go around my head and neck and if they are loose the mask moves too much and annoys me but if they are tight they tend to pull on my neck overnigth and pooooo it hurts.

Oh well I must get a massage. Life is so hard.


Tonight perhaps a real stream of consciousness post and tomorrow perhaps a poem to please K-Poet. Or did she have another pseudonym?

I can't recall . . .


  1. Yay! Excited to hear from you :)
    And so glad you had a good turkey day!!!

  2. "Oh well I must get a massage. Life is so hard."

    Way to put things into perspective. There are certainly worse things.

    Love you, CG!

  3. Honey whaddevvah you got to say people are wanting to read it.


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