Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why It's Great to Have a Parent's Help

Many of us Cysters and Fibros grow into adulthood, and then find a time in life where we must rely upon our parents to take care of us. This can take an adjustment for both parent and adult child, but when necessity creates this situation, it is overwhelmingly a relief by the time it begins. For those of you finding a time in life when you need a little help from mom and dad, I offer you this top ten list to urge you to go ahead and accept some parental help.

Top Ten Quotes of Cystic Mommy
When Caring for Cystic Gal

1. "Okay- your laundry is out. of. control." Let's face it, you haven't done laundry in a long long time. Parents have a healthy obsession with laundry and will make short work of your stinky pile.

2. "Mmm. Doesn't this look gooood?" It's much easier to pack on the pounds if someone else is setting food down in front of you and pretending it is the best thing ever.

3. "We can watch whatever, I'm not really paying attention." Lonely no more! When you're ill, you spend a lot of time at home. What TIVO does not provide is a television companion! Watching hours of television does not seem nearly as pathetic when you can chalk it up to quality time with mom or dad.

4. "Okay where does this go? . . . Okay, well, I'm gonna put it over here instead." Parents have a unique ability to tidy things that you thought were just fine the way they were. As long as you keep an eye on mom or dad, most of their suggestions are improvements.

5. "Time to get up, do you want me to bring you some coffee . . . yum . . . coffee!" When you're sick, you have to get out of bed early to do your treatments. Parents have a unique ability to naturally wake up early and harass you into taking care of yourself complete with force feeding your breakfast foods. Thank goodness.

6. "You know what would be good? A nice hot bath!" Parents, moms particularly, have a wonderful ability to pick out comforting activities that will make you feel better when you are too tired to think of them and just want to lay around being miserable.

7. "You'll feel a lot better if you do the treadmill first." Parents are great at forcing you to exercise and watching you to make sure you don't, like, pass out or anything.

8. "We'll get it at the CVS, man!" Moms loooove the CVS. At least, Cystic Mommy does. There is nothing my Mom does not seek to purchase at the CVS. She has developed this ability following years of picking up meds for me and Cystic Lady, and learning the ins-and-outs of exploring the CVS for all her needs to save a trip anywhere else.

9. "Let me just take out the garbage first." Parents are obsessed with taking out the garbage. They take out the garbage before its full, at just any old time for the pure parental fun. This is great for CFers who need to fear the garbage germs.

10. "I love you." The best reason to let a parent take care of you, is because your parents love you, and you love them. Aww!



  1. CysticMommy is the best Mommy. :D

  2. :) These are great quotes! :)

  3. As a mom of adult kids (non-CF types, but you have a lot in common) my fave was #4. Keep an eye on them, indeed. :-)

    Sounds like being home is agreeing with you.

  4. You don't need to have CF to love a Cystic Mommy! I have PCOS (that's Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and when I was going through my surgeries and cancer screenings and treatments, no one made my feel better than my Mom! Yay for Mommies!

  5. Sounds like havin momma there is some relief!


    PS: Our mothers are undeniably sisters! i poke fun at my mom because the CVS ladies know her by name and recognize her at other local establishments.

  6. #6 - YES! When you're just too stinking tired and crabby to think of anything productive, much less get it started. Mom to the rescue. I didn't know how much I appreciate said Momly ability until just now.

  7. Loved this post!! Love that you still have your wit peeking through! Love L


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