Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cystic Gal returns to the theatre

Today I had my first official any-type-of-work-related-thing-outside-the-house. I went to a meeting with my friend C-Markie to discuss being the Web 2.0 Consultant for a theatre where I have worked for a long time as a teaching artist.  I am very excited to be involved in a season-long way with the theatre, and to have a job that I can do 99% of the time from my home! Also, you all know I love my social networking- so this will be social networking for a good aim!!  Very exciting.

There is a beautiful but somewhat cheezy line from A CHORUS LINE that theatre people over-use to explain to normal people why they do what they do for a living and lifestyle:

“I am a dancer and a dancer dances.”

Since I’ve been involved in the theatre since I was eight, it has been particularly hard to not be actively participating in theatre in almost a year. I hoped to spend this time writing another play, but found that I didn’t have the focus (or often, the eyesight), to write a new play or work on/ promote the other plays I’ve written – and since I wasn’t in the position to GO TO the theatre TO DO the work – as theatre is typically something that must be DONE, not thought about or planned or discussed – It was a hard year.

I am so glad to take a baby step back to my regular life!! Woot Woot.

And I painted my nails dark purple to . . .  you know . . . look super artsy.

xxo cg


  1. hi CG,

    I've only been following your blog a short while but I'm so excited to learn that you're the artsy type too. I'm a CFer from Scotland and have spent a lot of my life on stage either as a dancer, singer or musician. you must be so excited to get back into the theatre :) go you!

    and congrats on the transplant btw! x

  2. So glad to hear you get to get back to it!

  3. Awesome!!!! I might have to take a trip to this theater and see the play when it shows!!! :)

  4. purple nail polish- awesome!

  5. So glad to hear you're on your way back to being your old artsifying self.


  6. Glad to hear you have another outlet for your creative talents. WEb 2.0 and theater! So hip, so cool!

  7. Way to get on with "real" life, CG! And I love the purple nails. Mine are teal colored right now (OPI Ski Teal You Die) but I am thinking about going back to purple this weekend.


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