Friday, October 1, 2010

2 inquiries, expl. to follow

Dear post tx homies only, two questions:

What are you thoughts on the wrap surgery (aka the Nissen Fundoplification which is so fun to say or type)? Did you have one? Was it successful? What prompted you to have it- symptoms or a center requirement or preventative? How long was the recovery and what was the impact on your nutrition after (swallowing, food intake, weight)?

Have you ever had a bronch while “under” in the OR so that they could take more biopsies from deep crazy areas? How far post tx were you when you did this and what was the reasoning?

How are you?

xo, cg

me after bronch


  1. I'm pretty sure Shawn S had that surgery but he never reads blogs so you might want to email him on facebook :)

  2. Hey, I've been keeping up with your blog and it's good to hear you are doing well. I had the Nissen on the 10th of Sep. so I'm still in the recovery phase. For the first 7 days I was on a liquid diet, then on soft foods for 3 days. Afterwards, I incorporated regular food into my diet. I learned quickly that I couldn't eat the same amount of food as before or else I would have a bad tummy ache. It has since gotten better. I talked to the dr. and he said it was normal because it takes around three weeks for the swelling to go down. I'll be restricted from picking up anything more than 10lbs. for six weeks. At my tx center it is pretty much a requirement to have a wrap is the PH study shows you have reflux. I suppose we could refuse it, but I wouldn't want to risk harming my lungs down the road. On a plus side, I don't have heartburn anymore. I was having heartburn sometimes even when taking Prilosec before the surgery. Anyway, hope this helps some. As far as the bronch, I've never had one in the OR so I don't have any info. there. Let me know if have anymore questions. Have A Great Day!

  3. No on the Fundo, my Clinic Penn does not have it as a requirement. I do get reflux a few times a week and it freaks meout because I'm afraid to asperate the liquid. I take Prilosec twice a day to keep the acid down.

    I have had three Bronchs and all where in a procedure room, no OR...

    so basically I'm no help on this post..but Hi :)

  4. I think my fundo story is a little long and unusual so you're welcome to ask me on facebook or something.

  5. I never had the fundo. I heard it's not pleasant, but the results are great. I had some issues with reflux earlier this year, but a switch to Nexium and adding Zantac did the trick.

  6. same as jess about the fundo. XO

  7. Never had a wrap.

    Did you remember anything from your bronch? I remember everything from my first, but the 5-6 after that I have no memory for about 8 hours.

    Take care

  8. Not a CF-er, but I've been researching the wrap because of my severe GERD issues (non-competent cardiac sphinter, refluxing so hard I do aspirate). I've read mixed things on it--if it gets done too tight then you have an even bigger set of problems. Also, there's the not being able to belch or vomit for a looonnnng time.


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