Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sternum, Sternum, Why You So Pokey

My sternum wire is driving me crazy and I swear that either I’m turning into a rhinocceros, or something is up with my sternum wires. My weight is going up and YET, YET, my sternum wires seem to be popping out of my chest MORE and ladies, I could add some details about this but I won’t but I am NOT PLEASED.

So I go a-googliin’ and what do I find out? All these homies with their open heart surgeries get their sternum wires REMOVED! Removed I tell you!!

I have never heard of a LUNG tx patient getting their sternum wires removed. Have you? Do tell!!!

Between my wires and my stretch marks from the 40lbs of water I gained and lost in three weeks, and the scars on my tummy, chest, and arms including two weird bumps from the anti-coag that I’m allergic to, that they forced me to take before I remembered how to put my foot down with the R word (refuse)---- I’m a friggin mess and good thing this isn’t the year for Project Cruise Hotness, as I would be a sore disappointment.

And yet, I leave you this:

Me lookin sillyAren’t I cute?

gooodnight, cg


  1. Yes you are!! Glad the Bronch when well and remember you have to take it each day at a time :-)



  2. love seeing you without O2!!!!!! :)

  3. a button, buddy! :-) All that stuff will get back in order in due time.

    Apparently scars, wires, bumps, n' such are the price you pay for rocking all sorts of awesome!

    Peaceful Things.

  4. @A- I would love to see your new hair and talk talk talk about your plans for the year now that the financial pressures are somewhat alleviated.

    Don't know whent to try for a 30th bday re-do. Thoughts?

  5. OOh so happy you are talking about the partay as your gifty has been waiting for you on my shelf since August or maybe July. So sorry I missed a few days. Work is so workish. Your artsy pals are very very very happy you are home and I love your photos and videos. Happy shrimp!


  6. My chest/tummy looks a hot mess too, transplant twins 4 life!

  7. Wires...REMOVED! I wish! I can feel mine still and it's all sorts of randomness. They don't cause pain, just weirdness. They caused pain in the beginning, though.

  8. I will send you a picture later of what happened to my fair skin as a result of having two children when I was young with a tight body and you will feel better. My three surgery scars don't even show because my stretch marks are so bad. p.s. I think vaseline is better for scars than all those expensive creams.

    “There is something beautiful about all scars of whatever nature. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed, done with.” -Harry Crews


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