Monday, May 7, 2012

Poem Drafts-o Post-o, more Iron and Wine

Ryan Kelly reminds me that Sam Beam is "both 'The Iron' and 'The Wine.'"

I found another poem that seems to have preceded the draft I posted of "My Body Remembers" a few weeks ago. It seems I wrote a lot of poetry in the year 2010 that I do not remember at all now. I can only assume that I wrote most of it while on drugs (legal drugs) but who's to say? I remember nothing.

This poem I found, I will not publish because it is even too personal for this blog (I think I can hear my bff gasping across the city, "It cannot be true!").

I will copy the repetition for you:

but i'm not dead or dying,
i'm a living breathing person
with miles left to swim

I think it's a pretty good poem, and if I have some more energy another night, perhaps I'll edit out the scandalous bits and then put it on here for you. Although, it will only be half as interesting after that. ;)

I think it's interesting that I could ever write a poem that I wouldn't remember writing, however basic or unfinished it was.  

I am listening to that Iron and Wine song that I wrote about a few million times on here, "The Trapeze Swinger," hoping it will inspire me to write something at least vaguely interesting... 

wait for it. . . 

WELL! It worked but I'm not gonna post it here, I did it in Word and will keep it for a later date, when I probably won't remember that I wrote it.

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