Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Top Ten Causes of Stress

These crazy pool noodle women came up when I searched for the title of this blog.
 So.... #1 cause of stress: multi-generational noodle-based water aerobics? 

This list of TOP TEN CAUSES OF STRESS is from a random internet place, but I found similar lists all over so I'm not going to cite it.

Here is what I think about stress: I need to reduce mine but I am not sure what is causing it because it seems that everything is causing it. So, here is a top ten list and I'm going to comment on each item as an exercise in trying to figure out my personal stresses. My thoughts are in purple. 

1. Self-criticism. Tame your inner critic (that’s the part of you that shakes a finger at you). Focus on your strengths and forgive yourself.

I don't think I have this or do this. I am not very critical of myself, but I would say that I am overly critical of the world around me which is probably more like #9 below. 
2. Powerlessness. Don’t believe you have no options. Open your eyes and see all the choices available to you.
I definitely feel this way sometimes. Here is a dumb quote to explain. There was this great show in the 90s called MY SO CALLED LIFE. The main character in that show once said, "I don't really plan things. Things happen to me and pretty soon that's my life." I certainly feel like this sometimes and I seem to lack a general sense of long-term planning, though it wouldn't appear so. I tend to make decisions (mostly positive ones) rather impulsively because the decisions seem obvious, but I don't really ever take the time to value my role in the decision making process of my actual life. Maybe this is an adult-CF thing, maybe not - like, "Seriously, I'm in my 30s? What now?" - but I am not sure that is true. Hmm.
3. Perfectionism. Do your best, but let go of the elusive goal to be perfect. Instead, be perfectly human and focus on completion.
If anything, I think I am overly focused  on completion of things and not focused enough on perfection of things. BUT perhaps this is me being like #1 above. Hmm. (That's two "hmm"s in a row... is this exercise helping me?)
4. Worry. Action is the best antidote, especially for situations you cannot control. Ask yourself what step you need to take now? It can be small and may not even be directly related to the situation. Maybe it’s about releasing that energy through creativity or taking a walk.
Please see prior blog post "If I Were In Charge of the World..." 
5. Unrealistic expectations. Life can never be problem-free, but your outlook can. What expectations are you ready to let go of?
I need to let go of the expectation (that I was allowed to live within for about 2 years) that people all around me will avoid stressing me out. It turns out, the world is full of a bunch of stressed out bitches. 
6. Insecurity. Stop looking to others to provide reassurance. Build up your self-worth by doing good things for yourself and others. Listen to the part of you that knows your unique gifts and talents.
I have this. Not a lot of it, but when I get insecure it is usually directed a particular relationship at particular time (boss, best friend, boyfriend, etc.) Usually, I move on from feeling insecure around someone to realizing that I don't like them. I am not sure that this is the healthiest way to handle it. Maybe there is something to think about there. (Hmm. in a good way). 
7. Hurrying. Try walking slower, chewing slower and working at a steady, but not frantic pace. You might be surprised to find yourself performing better. This might mean fewer lattes too. Sometimes sugar and caffeine can rev the motor way too much.
I do this all day all the time. Sometimes I find myself hurrying while I am peeing at work. Seriously. WTF? I always run up stairs now that I can run up stairs (mostly because I think it's fun) but then I get to my classroom all crazy faced. I drink too much coffee. 
8. Comparing to others. This is a losing battle. The only question that matters is whether you have done your best. If this is a particular challenge for you, read #3 above again.
I don't do this too much. 
9. Pessimism. Expect the best instead of the worst, and life usually has a way of handing it to you. In other words, be willing to change “the lens” you look through.
I think that I project a feeling of positivity, and having a positive effect on the world is important to me. However, I have pretty negative thoughts sometimes and I gossip a lot - like a whole lot. If I was a cartoon, I would be one of the old hens in CHARLOTTE's WEB.  
10. Competition. No one has to lose in order for you to win. Try turning every situation into a win-win situation. And remember, there is literally only one unique you. By embracing each individual’s uniqueness, including your own, you free yourself from the need to compare.
Do I do this? I don't think I do this. I actually work best when I have "partner" - whether at work, to spend the day with, or to do a creative project with. I don't think that I'm competitive with my partners, but maybe i need to work on doing more things by myself in the workplace and social places of the world. I don't know, though. 
Hmm. Not sure. Gotta think on this one and get some sleeps,

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  1. I admittedly describe myself as a gossiper too. I try to curb it most days, somedays I don't care. Thanks for this blog post though, gave me something to think about. Hmmm (lol)


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