Sunday, May 6, 2012

What is wrong with this picture?

I burst a tiny blood vessel in my eye. The school nurse says, "It was probably the sneezing." Sigh.

I am afraid of Visine, Claymation, and puppets that look human but aren't.

My cat is meowing in a high pitched kitten voice which makes me think she is getting more Deaf.

The kid from the Beastie Boys died and that is oddly sad for me and I can't tell you why because of privacy.

Eli Manning is really annoying on SNL.

I saw Guys and Dolls tonight. I freaking love Guys and Dolls. What's in the dailiy news? I'll tell you what's in the dailiy news.

Rhianna cannot sing.

Either can I (lately)

And I cannot wait for summer.

This is all the news that fit to print. More substantial post to follow....

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  1. what is wrong with this picture? I AM NOT THERE lol!!!! <3 miss you!

  2. Agreed...Rhianna cannot sing!

  3. I get the "evil eye" quite regularly. I was told it was from coughing. But I don't understand why you can almost cough up a lung and nothing happens and then *gasp* your reflection looks like something out of a spook alley and you can't even remember hardly clearing your throat. Gotta love it.


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