Sunday, November 14, 2010

CysticLife is the place to be!

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Dear Friends!

Thanks for reading Cystic Gal, and for following me on my journey to transplant and now recovering (just passed three months- woot woot).  I want to invite CF patients, family and friends to join a site that I have found invaluable this past year – .  It is a social networking and messaging site for uncensored storytelling, problem solving and friend making!

This year, CysticLife would like to increase its membership (during its 2nd year!) They/We want to have 2011 members by Jan 11, 2011. (get it!?). 

I would love it if all of my loyal CF readers would join.  Particularly, I would love it if the site (CL), had more healthcare provider members – so if you are a healthcare provider, I MAJORLY encourage you to join!

Find the site here, poke around, and JOIN! Cystic Life, Org.

See you there!

CG Beth Peters

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