Monday, November 15, 2010

Today Blew

Disclaimer to friends and family: Tomorrow I have a bronchoscopy, a procedure required many many many times post-transplant, that is not a big deal most of the time. Tomorrow is one of those times. In fact, I'm sorta looking forward to it because I haven't been sleeping well lately, and surely I will sleep well tomorrow, day and night! :) Today's annoyance at the hospital was not medical, it was ... procedural / paperworkurital / red-tape-tastical. Read the whole post- see how there's nothing in there about anything being wrong with me?   Everybody's blowin' up my phone before they read the email. :) Love you guys!

Dear Hospital Place;

Today was supposed to take 1-2 hours . . .

[approx 300 words have been edited out for my own protection,
but I will email them to you for your amusement, followers.]

. . .a fracking nightmare.

Beth Peters


  1. Ugh. Courtesy FAIL. Sorry for the crap-tacular day! :(

  2. LAME. But I kind of liked the "blew" pun--you should save that title for the next time you have to go in for a blow-y test.

    ps when you wake up I'll be there! yay!

  3. You go, Girl. Lay down the law. I hope they listen to you. Bring a taser next time and zap the jerk-offs. Or wear your "suck it" shirt.

  4. Ooooh how I loved reading this. Not the crap-ola you had to endure, but I love a well-written, example-citing, professional call to action. I have written such letters in the past, and I always wonder how they are received. I hope they reach someone who, as you put it, gives a partial F.

    Please post any response that you get. Power to the people!


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