Monday, November 15, 2010

Tweetin’ and Transplantin’

This image has nothing to do with this post, and yet it came up first when I googled “Tweetin’ and Transplantin’” which is my Super Secret Special CG Image System

There is a great article HERE: about a doctor being referred by the hospital admins to revisit her/his patient because she was tweeting regarding her care, and it was clear that she had not understood a particular conversation. (That’s a lot to glean from a tweet, but… that’s another story).

I encourage you to read the article, or as always- just read my response! :)

<<Beth Peters November 11, 2010 at 4:35 pm #

As an avid blogger and social media user, with Cystic Fibrosis, who just underwent a double lung transplant- here is my opinion. The online transplant community is HUGE. People that participate in it are pretty open and well-aware that anything they put online will be read by a) everyone they know as they are usually dying b) all their social media contacts c)randoms with their disease or transplant type looking to support or criticize d) anyone who they write specifically about who has the sense to google themselves from time to time

(highly recommended!!)

The hospital would not have monitored her tweets and blog if she hadn’t mentioned them by name (the hospital, doctors, or staff). So- after that point, its fair game. I was contacted by both of the hospitals I was working with, by their PR departments, to thank me for my blogging. That is because, however, I only mention names when I’m saying something nice, and never mentioned my hospital until it was “out” on fb and some other sites due to the popularity of my site, and the crossover in my readership between real-life friends and internet friends.

Great article!!>>

What do you think, readership? Do you think people should talk openly using names of their caregivers? Or not? What do you think of my policy to not use names of doctors at all (though my Super Secret Pseudonym CG System is not that hard to decode if you do know the names of those involved)? Do you think bloggers should ever mention their care centers while being cared for, disregarding normal concerns that fabulous cystic gals like me have, such as stalking by strange internet personalities, haters, exes, futures, and religious fanatics (that, too, is another story) while they are a-healin’.

What do you think, oh loyal readership?!

P.S. Readership up to 180/day on the low end! Woot Woot!

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  1. I am all for the using fake names gig! That's why I see "Dr. Dazzle". The only name I use in full is my own.

  2. woops, irony of ironies, my post today is dirctly mentioning my hospital in a bad way.

  3. I think as long as you realize the dr may see the post and are comfortable with it - then go ahead and say the name. Positive or negative. I feel privileged to have an awesome CF doctor - Dr. Emily DiMango! Then there's Dr Alan Tierstein/Dr Maria Padilla - 20 years ago they wanted to transplant me - told me without it I would have about 6 months to live. Thanks to Dr. Lynne Quittell - for saving my life! Had I been transplanted I wouldn't have my 15 year old son, and, might not have been alive today! So, bottom line, if you're willing to be accountable, then say what you wish ;)


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