Friday, November 12, 2010

Joshland, I am welcome there.


Last night, Josh of Joshland and Moganko fame wrote a great post that you can find HERE . I encourage you to read it. The basic gist is that Josh doesn’t care for the term “No Excuses,” though he sees why people use it, and he’s not trying to put them down or anything.

Being a phrase-hater myself, (see the post about the term “clean-out”), I really like that Josh took the time to bring this up because clearly a lot of people had it on the mind, both pro and con, as well. This is what I said:

<<I agree. I made a similar post on CG last year, that I don't, personally, care for any phrase that demeans the different ways we all deal with our DIFFERENT versions of CF, lung disease, transplant...

I also do not like it that there is push toward extreme exercise, when we have different abilities at different stages of our disease. Am I failure because I NEVER ran a mile, and have NEVER walked one is less than 15 mins? Not at all. Many CFers have never sung onstage in front of hundreds of people, or climbed a latter with one hand holding a twenty pound theatre light in the other, or lifted a stage curtain into the fly. I don't think THOSE people are failures, so if I never run a marathon for CF, why am I?

Okay now I'm a ranting so I gotta cut n past this to CG. Goodnight Josh!! >>


  1. You are ALWAYS welcome in Joshland. :-) Thanks for sharing this. I hope more people (both pro and con) comment on this post because it's really important subject and we need to hear both sides of the discussion if we are going to learn anything about each other - CF or not. :-)

    Much love, CG.


  2. THANK YOU! I was really glad that Josh wrote his post, and I'm equally grateful that you wrote this one.

    Once, on Cystic Life, I was chastised by more than one member because I choose walking (and the occasional VERY light jog) as my go-to workout. I was told that I'm not doing enough for my health and that I would one day regret my "less significant" efforts. Excuse me? I am, in fact, doing the best that I can and when people say things like that (even with the best of intentions) it can be VERY hurtful...

    ... or just make me want to punch them in the face.

  3. I'm working on a post, Jenny, about the research with CF and exercise. There really is no research to back up the idea that extreme exercise regiments (i.e. running a marathon) positively affects life span in CF. Consistent cardio--YES. 15-30 minutes of appropriate exercise at least 4 times a week. Telling kids they have to dedicate their lives to exercise, is like telling them they have to wake up at 5 to do their homework instead of staying up till midnight- if it doesn't really match their biological ability- it ain't gonna happen!

  4. PS I have never done any type of cardio other than walking, stationary biking, and dancing (obviously). And running can tear your body up, anyway. Especially the ladies with our calcium issues! Dang.

  5. Sorry but if you do not run a triathlon immediately you shall no longer be able to represent yourself as a post transplant may need to change your name to symbols like prince... :)


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