Thursday, April 19, 2012

Top Ten Totally Superficial Ways to Feel Better

Wow, I thought I looked better in that photo but it only the tiny kitten that looks better, and even she looks pretty miserable. Get it? Blind kitty "looks" miserable. HAHAHAH.

Today I took my staycation to a whole new level: Retail Therapy. Which I discovered was actually cheaper, per hour, than actual therapy, which really got my medical-spending, spreadsheet-building wheels turning.

Remember when I used to write lots of top ten lists?  Well, here is one.

Top Ten Totally Superficial Ways to Feel Better

1. Get a massage.

2. Get some sun, or if you are outlawed from any form of Vitamin D that doesn't come in a tiny blue capsule, congrats! You have CF, and you also can go sunless tanning. oooh.....

3. Shop for a new "little black dress."

4. Visit a totally girly store like the one I did, The Fairy Shoppe, in Boston. Buy something girly and fun.

5. Eat an ice cream. Yum!

6. Buy a piece of jewelry. I got new silver earrings with gold bases that will not make my ears itch. I will wear them everyday until I lose one.

7.  Buy a gift for someone. I bought a math-themed t-shirt for a math-themed friend.

8.  Get your nails done! OOOH, fancy.

9. Spend some time on a rooftop place in a pretty city and take in the yummy springtime air and surroundings. Pretend you are Snow White and chat with a bird, if one happens to come about.

10. Take yourself out for a hearty dinner and a martini or lemonade.

These tips may not make you feel completely better, but damn girl, you'll look good, and that is half the battle.


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