Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CG, where you at? What you do? Where you go?

Sometimes I'm too sleepy tired to write anything so I sit around reading other things. Tonight, I read THIS Euro article about hypercapnia (respiratory failure t2). I like to read medical journal articles about my medical problems so that a) I'll be more apt to understand why doctors choose certain courses of treatment b) so I can worry about myself in new, more vocabularicly correct detail. (That's right, vocabularicly.) I highly recommend reading as many articles from Chest Journal. Although, word to the wise-ass: I can't seem to figure out why most articles are free and then woops another one will be like, "Give me 12 dollars." I always say, "No," and google the article some other way. Whatevs. Maybe you have 12 dollars. I spend mine on cat treats.



  1. I have been working on health information systems in developing countries for some time and it is interesting that a lot of your principles are the same as what I have been proposing to resource poor countries. The ideas of keeping things simple, incremental development, local use of data, minimal data set, appropriate technology and of course data standards and interoperability.

    The future of medicine is customized treatment. Consequentially the future of data also has to be focussed on smallest unit- each individual. A lot of user data is locked.

  2. Best adverb of 2010 so far: vocabularicly. Vocabularically?

  3. I think you should consider writing a dictionary after you finish the book version of the blog. :) No one comes up with more perfect new-ish words.


    See you on the CGUnBlog tonight-o.

  5. CG- Been missing you!! Hang in there and keep this wonderful humor going. ..and oh please please never let me be the Barbie nurse!!!!! xoxo


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