Friday, January 1, 2010

Healing Statements for Surgery

I am using a book, Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster, by P. Huddleston, to get ready for transplant. The book was recommended by my surgeons and it teaches about mind/body techniques that are particular to major surgery. One of the things taught in the book is to prepare Healing Statements for the surgeon, anesthesiologist and nurses to use prior to, during and after the surgery. The use of Healing Statements has been studied and found to ease the surgical procedure and healing times in patients. You might have read in my prior post that Dr. CJet^ plans to use my Healing Statements, and remarked that "people do indeed" use them - because of course I was skeptical.

Here we go!
Dear Doctors and Nurses,

In preparation for my lung transplant surgery, I have prepare the following Healing Statements. Please read them to me at the times indicated. Please read the statements more than once (up to five times!), and repeat them in particular if you are interrupted or if anything remarkable happens in the room while you are reading the statements.

Thank you so much, I hope that these statements will provide me with relaxation and comfort during and after the procedure.

-Cystic Gal

Prior to Surgery / As I am going "under"
You will relax completely. You will feel comfortable before, during and after surgery. Your surgery will go well and you will heal quickly afterward. You will accept your new lungs.

After Surgery:
Your operation has gone well! You are accepting your new lungs! You will heal promptly and feel comfortable. You will rest and awaken when you are ready.

You are accepting your new lungs. You are comfortable now, and you will awaken as if you had been asleep overnight, feeling rested. You will feel well and you will remain calm. You will heal promptly and well.

Thank you so much! Please feel free to say other positive, healing and peaceful statements to me. My parents will have an IPOD and small speaker for my ICU stay, and I ask that they be allowed to plug it in for me while I am waking up from the surgery. Thank you!

-Cystic Gal

SO? What do you guys think? Any recommendations?


  1. How excellent that you will have those statements. Do you want any familiar reminders from people who love you, like sayings or expressions that your family might have? That is my only thought.


  2. This is a wonderful idea! I'm so glad you found it, and I know it will help you through the surgery and beyond!!

  3. I think they're great! They're obviously really individualized, but if it were me, I'd add something along the lines of "you will release all fear and feel confident in the opportunities that lie ahead", and "you will experience minimal pain, and you will remain in control of your pain experience; you are in control, your pain is not in control. This pain is only temporary" for times when (duh) you're more likely to be in pain.

    I think this is a great idea; simply the process of preparing them I would think would help you identify what you're most concerned about, and then work through those concerns as you craft your statements. I only learned about the book/concept in the paper the morning after my aneurysm procedure - how precious :o) I definitely plan to try it out for my next planned surgical adventure - nothing fun and plastic, unfortunately :o)

    You're awesome, CG! *you can use that one, too :o)

  4. I think your healing statements will surround you with good vibes...good for you and for the whole team of doctors and nurses.

  5. Thanks so much for all of the support! Jessica, I definetly incorporated your ideas into my HS. Especially the word "confident" and the idea of releasing negativity feelings. I learned in the book that HS should only have positive words in them. You are suppposed to avoid using words like "Pain" and "Fear" because your subconscious mind does not always adhere to syntax (word order), so you can hear "Pain" and then feel pain- your body can get "caught" on any one word of your statement, esp. if the person reading it says that word more loudly or in a different tone (which you have no control over). Isn't that interesting?

    The book is great. After my tx, I'll send it to you!! It has a lot of info for a myriad of different kinds of surgeries.

  6. awesome! i did not know that about the negative words/"selective syntax" but that's really fascinating! Perhaps I should just have them repeat, "Robert Downy Jr. is back" over and over - guaranteed to make me smile ;o) BTW, love your new picture!


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