Sunday, January 24, 2010

The end of anonymous CG commentification

Sorry, folks. After long deliberation I have to end anonymous comments here on the CG. Still getting my share of weirdo comments and hoping they will go away by forcing email or other identifiers :) Then again, I might just get a bunch of weirdo comments signed "" - but it's worth a shot.

No there is still no news. No news is no news.

And I am in a horrible mood and don't you all go emailing me about it. Sometimes a bad mood just strikes. I have noticed on my other bloggies' blogs, that bad moods seem to hit us cgs in a wave. Brandi is in a bad mood this week too that she blames on prednisone. I too am on on the 'sone, so maybe that is why I'm in the zone of bad moods. Who knows.

Oh me oh my, my poor mother is putting up with me.
No picnic, indeedilly-doo.

Love, CG

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  1. Glad I'm not the only bad news bear around! I am down a little on the Pred, so hopefully no more 'roid rage.

    Oh, you need an all of the above link on the survey. One of the things I like best over here at CG is that I never know what I'm going to get. So keep on keeping 'em coming.

  2. Oh hai! Now you know who I am!! CL

  3. Jeez, CG. Sorry everything feels crappy oh is that a comment about it? Oh crap. Well why the hell are people sending weirdo comments - that's so weird.

    Thanks for writing.


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