Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quickie: UnBlog Say What?

In my explanation of UnBlog, I told you the "Why" of UnBlog, and those invited were instructed on the "Where" of UnBlog, but I missed one important W.

What is UnBlog?

It is a blog just like this one, but it is not public, like this one. Anyone in the world (as seen below) can read this blog. They can also email it as a link to anyone else in the world, quote me from it, and I use my real name on it too.

The UnBlog is a private blog. In order to access it, members log in by clicking "UnBlog" to the right. As the author of the blog, I invite readers to it and they log in, or request the UnBlog come through on their Google Reader or Feed. They can also make unmoderated comments.

As I explained below, I created CGUnBlog so that I can write consistent, unfettered, daily CG posts without turning on my sizable MEPeditor (despite the fact that I misspelled 'dying' below). I have only invited two categories of people to read it: actual CF patients, and published authors. My reason for this is pretty simple- the CF patients won't hold it against me if I have an angry mean post, and they also won't take it super seriously. The authors, on the other hand, will be able to see my "best of UnBlog" entries and decide if they want to read more, and I can get the literary feedback that I want as an author. It's the best of both UnWorlds there on UnBlog.

Please don't be sad if you're not invited to read CGUnBlog. Most of you are not invited. If you are a CF patient, particularly a female CF patient, please email me and I'll invite you! If you were invited but haven't "joined" yet, let me know and I'll invite you again.

Others of you, keep on readin' the CG and be glad that I started CGUnBlog so that I can churn out more writing and edit down to the best for your reading pleasure.

Much love to ya,
Time for the bipap,


  1. I am having a hard time finding your email link! haha

    I am Tabitha, 22 year old CF'er. I have commented on your blog before, and read it.
    I would love to be a part of your unblog.
    I loved that you wrote that we wont be angry for mean angry posts... of course not! Honestly, I need those posts that put CF in its place, to me its a bad thing (for the most part) and its normal to be angry with the effects of it.

  2. ok!!!!! :)

    BTW I'm in Boston now yay!!!!!

  3. Hi, I just came across your blog. I'm 23 and waiting for transplant too with CF and CFRD. I hope you get your call soon!

  4. Hey Tabitha! Your blogger profile is locked (like the UnBlog, ha), so I can't find your email to invite you. Can you email me at so that I can invite you?

    I will add a link to email ME by in my column, NOW!


  5. I always thought your misspellings were intentional????

  6. N- they USUALLY are! I usually try to make a point with my misspellings, and my random caps (ElizaBeth), but with 'dieing,' I actually thought that was how it is spelled. Dying? I mean, seriously. It sounds like me and an old pair of jeans and a stainless steel sink to me!

    The English language is ridick.

    haha. take That intentional misspelling. :)


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