Monday, January 4, 2010

In the Year 2000...In the Year 2,000 NINE

2009 CysticGal Facts and Figures:

11, 548 Unique Readers

5, 387 Returning Readers (I guess I scared away the other half?!)

179 Readers, top number of unique readers in a 24 hour period, just yesterday! YAY UnBlog!

71 Public Bloggy Followers

58 Readers per day on average

31 First-Time Readers per day on average

14 Subscribers

12 Countries with current Readers: USA and Puerto Rico, UK, Canada, Italy, Bulgaria, Philippines, Turkey (Thanks J!), India, Pakistan, Slovakia, Belgium and France (Hi, K!).

I am excited to also share that I have readers who are CF patients, parents, nurses, doctors, medical students, and friends of CF patients. It has been wonderful to write to different perspectives on the blog and I hope to continue it in 2010!!! Thanks so much for reading and participating too!

New Year, New Lungs,

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  1. You can add one more country to that list. I don't know why France isn't showing up on there but I definitely have been reading your blog just about every day through my google reader in Rouen! Miss you, CG.


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