Saturday, February 20, 2010

Best Day EveRRRRR

P.S. Pre-Script: Remember, it's not too late to order CysticGal's limited edition chapbook, "Unto the East," by clicking HERE.

Onward . . .

Today, my mom and I got up relatively early and got out of the house by 11:00! This is a harrowing (heroing? eh?) journey not often achieved by choice around here.

We went to the gym where she worked out and I did my weights routine and put some of the lazy gym-goers to shamitty shame. I think the gym should pay me to go the gym, do my work outs, and let people look at me and think, "Wow that's a good workout, and she's got the oxygen. I should really get going on this workout thing."

THEN, I ate a yummitty yum sandwich and berry smoooooothy, and checked the sales of my book while still at the fancy guest-pass-tastic gym. Discovery: I've already sold 108 books. So super.

THEN, I got a French manicure that put the self-applied ones I did in high school to a high degree of shame. This manicure only cost me $10! Awesome.

THEN, I came home and took a nap! A two-cat nap at that.

THEN, my mom and I went out for a yum yum yummy but affordable dinner! Steak and potatoes, man. Serious yum.

NOW, we're gonna get ready for bed early and watch the last bit of DAMAGES Season 1, while she drinks a "spritzah" and I drink hot apple cider. AND we'll have girl scout cookies.

THEN, we're going to bed early because we might go back to the aforementioned guest-pass-tastic fancy gym tomorrow!

3 month Guest Pass at Fancy Gym: $24- TOTAL!
Sandwich and Smoothy: $7
French Manicure: $10
Steak Din Din: not too expensive either.
Damages Rental: Netflix Trial Membership
Girl Scout Cookies: Still $3 a box.

Being a Recessionista: PRICELESS.

Be cheap. Live Large. The Economy Blows.




  1. quite the amazing day for the amazing ladies...and congrats on the book selling well. I'm not surprised...

  2. AWESOME day!! :) So glad you got out in the sunshine yesterday - the sunshine always makes me feel better, and we albino-ladies need the vitamin D! :)

    Love it,

  3. The gym should pay you to work out there for sure, and some T-shirt/bumper sticker company should pay you to put "Be cheap. Live large. The economy blows." all over everything.

  4. LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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