Friday, February 26, 2010

Last Days to Order "Unto the East"

Pre-Orders for my chapbook will close this Monday!

Info on "Unto the East: Words in Waiting"

Cover Design by Salina Marie Gomez, Denver, CO.
Introduction by Piper Beatty, New York, NY
Published by my newly created and totally made up publishing company, Patient Press -- Get it? It's double-entendre-tastic!

Dedicated to

Tiffany, Amy, Piper, Jessica, Katey, Brandi, Stephanie, Andrea, all the other cystic gals, and also Ronnie.

Special Thanks To:
Vicki Peters; Kathleen Rooney; Kelsey Hubbard; Rick Lupert and his; Teresa Bodwell, Unleash Your Voice and the members of Romance Unleashed.

35 Pages of Poetry and Prose!

New Site to Pre-Order!
You're not purchasing the book at this time, but it is the only way to guarantee I will order enough for you, yourself, to get a copy! Pre-Orders will be held for 14 days following the book's release in March!


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