Saturday, February 13, 2010

So much news!

Cystic Gal announces release of first poetry chapbook, "Unto the East." I am designing the layout now and hope to have it ready to print by March 1. Super! If you are interested in pre-ordering a book, let me know! More info to follow tomorrow, when I announce EVEN MORE NEWS!

(Not THE news, however. No new lungs yet. Just lots of writer-ie news.)

In other news, I'm not feeling so hot. I had a pretty rough week with shortness of breath, that S.O.B., and started some oral antibiotics on Friday. Thankfully, I am literally already feeling somewhat better. Can you believe that?

Friday, I celebrated Valentines Day with my two dear friends and my dear mother. Thanks to JSing^ for cooking a scrumptious meal and for inviting us to his lovely home, thanks to my CysticDad for a Pajamagram, and thanks to my Mom for a super day today! Oh yeah, and to Rita and Lucy^ for yummy eclairs at lunch!

Great Valentines Day so far!


  1. You and mommy sweetest have earned every yummy bite! Happy Heart Day!

  2. Glad you are feeling better! xxoo

  3. I would be totally interested in ordering a book from you!!!!

    And I hope that SOB gets under control soon heheh

  4. So glad you're feeling better already! Little things like that are such HUGE accomplishments at this point!

  5. I absolutely would like to place an order for your book. So proud of you! This is very big news! (not THE NEWS but certainly newsworthy!) Love you lots, T


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