Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How Do You Organize Your Pills?

This from last night on CysticLife, in response to a question from a teen about how to get a handle on all those darned pills. It's all about organization, and plastic containers, baby.

I have all of my pill meds in a big blue basket in a drawer in my bathroom. This drawer is only for medicine related things. In the basket, I put all the separate containers from CVS. THEN, I have this three-stackable pill container thingie that is clear, and can separate into three different layers. In one layer, I have only my enzymes. On the second level, in the morning, I take out each med, put in the number I need to take for the day into that second level, and then drop the bottle in the basket. So, all of my meds for the day are in that second level. Then, I physically take the morning meds in the morning, mid-days ones at lunch, and dinner, late-night, etc. The third level of the tier thingie, I put what I call "specialty meds" like ibuprofen, pepto bismol - extra vitamin K. Things I don't take every day but need to have on hand if an issue comes up. I take this thing everywhere!

Perhaps a picture would help me explain.

But anyhow, as the day goes, I empty that middle container. I am careful not to take pills that don't go well together, like iron pills and antibiotics. It is handy to have those pills right there connected to my enzymes so when I eat, I can take some other pills if I need to.

That's my system- and hey,this'll now be my blog for tomorrow!

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