Sunday, February 7, 2010

Where I'm At

I am here. There is no news. Alas, bloggies of the universe, there is no news.

Actually, there is a bit of news but I did not get my lungs, and so, no Real News.

I have officially decided to go forward with getting double listed. I will remain here, where I live, so that I can stay on this list here, but am looking into centers who accept double listings and create an arrangement for the patient to travel to receive the transplant. I have narrowed it down, I think, to about 2 clinics, leaning toward the one more than the other. I am being purposefully vague because in this wide world of weirdos, I don't prefer to get into doctor-naming or hospital-shopping through the blog. I just do that privately:)

In my poll of CG post preferences, you all voted that you prefer "random diary entry type of bullshit"- so here you go:

In other news, my Mom and I are doing well but running out of activities which amuse ourselves. Thank goodness we discovered the 1st season of Damages on DVD this week. We are all about this show.

I am starting to worry about money. I look down the road and I begin to worry, more and more, about the "when" of getting my lungs. When I first got on the list, rumor had it that I was in "a good spot on the list," and now that I've been on the list more than 3 months, I worry that this was not the case, or is not the case, any more. I have no way to know where I am on the list. If I somehow found out today that I was number 1 on the list, that could be different tomorrow. People are always coming and going from The List. I have to believe that my lungs will come at the best possible time. But, I worry that the time is NOW and that tick tock, they are not yet coming.

I wish I were back at work.

I miss the theatre.

I *think* it misses me. :)


  1. Theatre does miss you!! And I miss you too.

  2. I get worried about the "tick-tock" too. When will it be too late? Good luck with the double listing, I haven't really considered it.

  3. I am positive it misses you and all of your awesomeness!! If you run out of stuff to watch and you have not already watched dexter you should def. check it out!

  4. Theater definitely misses you. You made a positive choice to do as much as possible to get those lungs. You are a tough broad, and that is a very good thing.

    Also, Damages is wild, isn't it?


  5. Like the rest I KNOW theatre misses you and so does the rest of your family. They certainly miss the knowing you are happy and feeling creative and well. I know we all, even you, see that day returning soon and that you will give it a big hug and say "Welcome back,Old/New and Improved Life!" But for now...ick. Restless you, waiting you, tired you - dammit, where are those lungs? We will all see them arriving at your "door" when we fall asleep at night and when we awake in the morning and that will surely help to make it happen. We love you. I love you.

  6. I'm certain the patience you're gaining (or at least the ability to appreciate cliff-hanging suspense on a whole new level) will make you an even better director/teacher when you are back to it.

    Also--I second the Dexter advice. Wow! That show is amazing. Hmm. Have you tried putting together a list of theater-related movies? There are tons of them. Would it make you miss it more, or would it help? No idea.


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