Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2nd First Webcam Video

A few things are obviousemente from this video:

a) I am having fun with the options on my webcam
b) I look less shitty tonight than I did last night
c) I adjusted my volume settings so you can hear me
d) The voice/visual still seem slightly off. Is it me, or is the audio ahead of the video? Pls respond.
e) I miss teaching little kids who actually enjoy my desire to pantomime most words as I speak them (see below).



  1. Love you so much... May 2010 bring lots of laughs, good news and happiness! XOXOX -Najibie ;-)

  2. Hahahahaha. You crack me up. Love the eyeballs and the yummy, sleepy, awakey. To quote the title of a book I useta read to my son when he was a wee thing: "More, More More"!



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