Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twitter it Up

Tweet you!
This is your formal invitation to follow me, @cysticgal, on twitter!
I bring this announcement to you because tonight the Tweet Cystic Fibrosis (#CysticFibrosis) community is heating up about the episode of "Mercy" on NBC. What do you think?

Here is what I think...

"Hopes no one watched "mercy" cuz its CF depiction was super fake, but maybe good to even have CF on tv. i am a woman of two minds. oh and also i didn't watch it, after 5 mins I was like, super stressed by it and its fake-ness. blood transfusion to treat lung infection?eh? down to 2L from 3L lung vol?What alien lungs does that kid have?"

The other tweets, you can read to the right or by loggin' onto Twitter, today!!


  1. Dam 3L???? Must be one super huge kid!!!!!!!!

  2. Now I will watch the episode. Before watching, I would like to say, as a non-CF person,that there is no excuse for wealthy ad-execs not to do their goddamn homework and hire someone who knows the medical facts. How disrespectful and hurtful. I am very sorry that anyone with CF and your many loved ones and friends had to see that. WAIT! That's me. Actually, maybe I won't watch it.

  3. I stopped watching Medical shows years ago... this from the guy who has rules about what you can and cannot talk about at the dinner table. HA! Miss you!


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