Thursday, December 31, 2009

Subscribe to CG, today!

Are you sick of having to check the site for updates? Want them to go straight to your inbox? Well, now you can! CLICK HERE to subscribe and receive CG in your email inbox whenever a new post goes up!

Bonuses to Subscribe:
Previously stated: No checkie the site, no wastie your times.

Not yet stated: Read everything I post -- even stuff I regrettably take down. oooohhhh....juicy!

Still have a link right to the site in your email - if you read a little bit and want that full CG experience.

If you do it TODAY, you can say, "I've been a CG Subscriber since '09!" and look down on those latecomers in 2010 who try to jump on the CG Transplant Bandwagon*

If you get updates to your email, this means you'll be more likely to hear right off the bat that I'm in or out of surgery, since my Cystic Lady will surely update my bloggy as soon as she can!

Like I said, CLICK HERE, do it today!

*I am currently painting a wagon and training a tiny group of kittens to play instruments in it for the day of my transplant!

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