Thursday, December 24, 2009

So This Is Christmas!!

So much news. My CysticFamily is here visit and so wahooo! Much fun awaits.

I heard back from my surgeons and team in regards to the questions I posted. In fact, I received 4 responses, one from my surgeon, two from other physicians on the transplant team, and one from the social worker. I was very glad that they took the time to each email me back. It really put me at ease to know that they were listening to my concerns. Here are the two most informative responses:


Let's see what I can answer for you.

[Question: What invasive procedures are done during pre-op while I will be lucid/awake?]

1. Most of the invasive procedures are done with you asleep.

[Q: I am using the recommended book, _Prepare for Surgery: Heal Faster_. I made my healing statements and will bring them. Will I have time to tell the anesthesiologist about them? Can I also bring them for the ICU nurses?

2. People will in fact respect your requests for healing statements. Bring then with you, and any special instructions. You will meet with the anesthesia team in advance of getting sleepy and can discuss your needs.

[Q: Do you take music requests?]

3. Music requests, YES. if you send me the music in advance I load it on the iPod, if not, then you get the best genre I can muster with what is on the iPod.

[Q: Please don't remove my PORT during the surgery.]

4. Thanks for the update.

[Q: I'm making lost of progress at rehab.]

5. Good.

6. Have a peaceful holiday yourself. If you have any other questions or needs just let us know.

- [Dr. CJet^]


Hi [CysticGal]:

although many questions are related to the surgeons and the day of surgery, healing is a holistic process. bring your statement and music and have always copy that your family can handle to the different members of the team.

Make the most of rehab, as this is a tool that will help to prepare for the process.

Happy holidays

[Dr. DJet^]

^These are pseudonyms created using the super secret CysticGal pseudonym creation equation.

So, those are some pretty great responses to my questions, and they put my mind at ease. YAY!

More news later! Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your fans on the Isle of Palms.
    Diane and John

  2. Great responses - woot! Also, love the festive new color scheme. It is a great accompaniment to the Pandora Christmas song station I have going. Merry Christmas, CG!

  3. have a great christmas holiday with the fam!

  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope santa brings you the lungs you need and have a successful transplant

  5. CG-

    I have been in Minnesota and Chicago. How wonderful that you received all of this information. Thinking of you of course. xxxooo


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