Saturday, August 28, 2010

100% again, I'll take it

Hello y'all, it's meee again. I'm just gonna write a big old random post tonight because I want to get back in the habit of posting but I don't really have the brainpower right now to have, you know, a topic.

So, my topic is that my resting 02 was just 100%, AGAIN. The nurses are annoyed with checking it because it is always so high :) Isn't that hilarious. And that is on exercise restrictions!! While we are trying to put a final end to my lymphatic troubles, I am supposed to "take it easy" this weekend and the nurses have been told that I am on "walking restrictions." I think this is because one of my fave doctors, Dr. R-U-Awesome, took a walk with me before my major lymph problem a few days ago and I was surely short of breath, and then, you know, I had the problem. (which I know is still mysterious but I do not not not have the brain power to explain that medical stuff tonight). Dr. R-U-Awesome also has always had the impression that I am some kind of Workout Crazy person, which makes my mother laugh, I'm sure. In any event, I was on walking restrictions but

wheelchair crazy with my mother!!!

we went outside - i went outside for the first time in a month!!! With all my tubes and round-the- clock-IVs and general merriment before, it hadn't even occurred to us. Tomorrow, outside again, I say!! Outside everyday!!!

The smell of the cheese soup at au bon pain almost made me cry, but other than that, it was glorious to go outside.

Well now I have filled a screen and my blog post is over. I have to go to sleep. There is a big day of short slow walking, and non-digested nutrients, for tomorrow.



  1. Yahoo 100% O2! Yahoo CG! Baby steps and big wheelchair pop-wheelies!

  2. Woot to the WOOHOO!!! That is beyond fabulous!!! You go girl keep getting those perfect scores, you more than deserve it.

  3. All up from here, you will be healing up and walking around before you know it...keep it going girl!

  4. Thats right, take it easy while you can cause you're going to be a busy gal with those lungs!

  5. So glad you got a chance to go outside! Yay for breathing fresh (if teasingly soup-laden) air.


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