Monday, August 30, 2010

post tx milestone:

sleeping on one's side.

Since I usually sleep on my side, this past month of sleeping while carefully positioned flat on my back has been less than ideal for ... say... my back! But today I successfully napped on my side. I was out like a light! But, I slept too long and good that way because I was sore on that side for about an hour when I woke up. However, I think it was worth it. I was sleeping on my left side, which hasn't had surgery since the original 7/27. My right side, deeply traumatized til 8/11, is a total no sleep zone.

on that note, goodnight!


  1. Yay for sleeping on your side!!!

  2. best. milestone. ever.

    i remember being more grateful for this than i was for that first sip of water post-vent. no joke. my back was DONE.

    do i even need to mention how super cute you look in this picture, or is that just pointing out the obvious? beth, you not only look like a rockstar, but you ARE a rockstar, in every sense of the word (except for, you know, the one that might imply that you sing rock songs in front of tons of people) ;)

  3. Man, I totally agree. Sleeping on my left side was like, THE moment for me. I can't tell you how long I tried to arrange pillows that made it possible to sleep on my side with the chest tubes still in, but I remember the first time I REALLY slept on my side. Relief. I'm so happy for you CG. You look great. Once you're all better, I'm coming to Boston to meet you.
    BR from Chi

  4. It's nice to hear from you more often! Sounds like things are progressing! Now, get some food moving and you'll be outa' there!!! :)

  5. That's Great News!
    You Look Great!

  6. Awesome!

    I'm a side sleeper myself, so I know just how great a milestone this is.

  7. A you're adorable!

    Happy sideways.



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