Monday, August 16, 2010

new try ah

update_ yesterday was awesome, most exercise yet, and lost 5 liters of fluid, which actually is a little too much from a too long awesome walk! so, i got to drink a whole rootbeer, and do the bear hugger warmer blanket all night! slept super! today, woke, my epidural is leaking! must fix. good practice weaning off pain meds. don't want to stay here longer just for he pain, wanna go home after next surgery, which may be delayed or simplified!


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  1. I have no idea if it is ridonculous to post here, but I check the blog compulsively so why not? Yay! Very happy to read this and happy for you. Root beer is so good, yes? Cream soda, also. xxxooo

  2. We are thinking of you!!! Hope you can get out of the hospital soon!! XOXO


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