Saturday, August 21, 2010

Update written by Sister "CysticLady"

CysticGal, August 19, 2010, 9:54 AM, ICU Step-down

So much has happened since I arrived in Boston last Friday!  CG had about 40 lbs of fluid on her!  She was a puff-mellow.  Now, as you can see, she is pretty close to her skinny minny self.  Yesterday she had a little bit of a protein shake, 2 tablespoons, and she's excited to be closer to those pudding cups, which you can see are stacked up and ready for when they say the word.  Just, don't get one of your fingers in between her mouth and pudding cup, you may never see it again.

CysticDad hooked her up with an awesome computer situation.  If you could see that old laptop from 90s that CG had been writing this blog on, you wouldn't believe it! 

CG's room is full of your cards and postcards.  Thanks so much!  She loves them!


  1. ahahaa... the pudding cups in the background... I personally LOVE my hospitals pudding. I'll get it with breakfast too. hehehee. And how come her gown looks so cute? I'm always swimming and trippin' over mine.
    (though I have never met any of you) your family is always in my prayers!


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