Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CysticDad’s Guest Blog

First thanks to CG for allowing me to guest blog tonight. I thought I’d start with a top ten bits of CG trivia that she might not have mentioned before. I hope this doesn’t embarrass her too much. Then I re-post my Top Ten wish list now that she has had her transplant.

CG is an excellent swimmer and was a life guard and swimming instructor for many years. Teaching children to swim is a specialty of hers.

CG’s start and perhaps strongest theater/drama skill is actually acting. She won the “Best Actress” award as a high school Senior. She decided to pursue directing and teaching drama as a profession because she found acting too physically demanding due to her CF by the time she entered college. Plus she wanted to actually earn a living and not be poor.

CG’s favorite playwright is Samuel Beckett and perhaps her best work was directing “Waiting for Godot” to a packed house while an undergrad at the University of Illinois.

CG started teaching acting at age 10 and has never stopped.

CG’s favorite cartoon character is Winnie the Pooh. Her apartment looks more and more like the 40 Acre Wood every day.

Her favorite vacation was when CG and CysticLady took a cruise they titled “Project Cruise Hotness” in 2008. CyticDad almost had a heart attack and thank goodness what goes on, on a cruise ship, stays on a cruise ship.

Her favorite meal is my Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner. Well anyway, it’s my favorite.

I taught her all of her dance steps. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. But seriously she finds dancing expressive and important. Try it sometime, you might like it too.

When CG was a HS Sr we bought brand new beautiful white bur bur carpet for the family room. One week later when ironing her skirt for a speech team meet she put down the iron to answer the phone and returned to find the iron burned right through to the floorboard. Thus she canned the now family famous line “I am so, so, so, so, so, so sorry Dad.” Yea right, just pay to have it fixed or win the meet and all will be forgiven.

Her favorite performance was Steppenwolf Theater’s 1997 production of “A Streetcar Named Desire” staring Gary Sinise.

Cysticdad's Top Ten Wish List Post CG’s Transplant

10. Hear the words "She's off the vent and sitting up, breathing on her own, and you can see her now." ……. DONE !

9. See her celebrate her 30th Birthday next week unlike her tragic 29th.

8. Once again hear that incredible laugh that rattles the windows as she laughs at one of my stupid jokes.

7. Walk together all the way across the Ravenel Bridge from Mt. Pleasant to Charleston and back.

6. Ride our bikes all the way to the end of Isle of Palms and watch the dolphin frolic in the inlet between Isle of Palms and Dewees Island.

5. Take a cruise with the whole Fandamily.

4. Take CG, CysticLady and Bruzzy to Wrigley Field, sit in our old season ticket seats behind first base, drink a beer, eat a hot dog and yell at the top of our new lungs "You're a Bum!"

3. Sit in the middle of the audience and watch CG’s production of "Death of a Salesman." “I’ll go to Boston, they know me there, and I know I can get an order.”

2. Watch CysticGal and CysticLady compete in the 2012 Transplant Games.

1. Go to Walt Disney World and in the boat ride across the lake from our resort to the park hear CG yell to waterskiing Donald duck, "Hey Donald, it's me Beth."


  1. Awe, now that got me a little teary... I can't wait to hear about all of those things being checked off of the list over the next several years. It's great to learn more about CG from someone else's perspective. If it's possible, I think I love her even more now!

  2. Great post. Great job filling in.

  3. Love this post and so happy for your family. Been keeping Beth and your family in our thoughts and prayers!!

    Annie & Isabel

  4. Awwww. CysticDad, that was so sweet. I am so excited for you guys. My husband, Jim, will be 11 weeks post-tx on Thursday. I wish all the best for CG and can't wait to here about all of her new excursions!


  5. oh beth, your father is amazing...so wonderful to learn about you and hear about you via your blog..dad + everyone keep posting. i love this and am fighting for you from my chemo bed....so thankful to be part of your life from chicago. you will triumph!

    mary angelina bartocci


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