Saturday, August 14, 2010

update from reall cg

i am having the best day so far since transplant, pain free, lots of walks and lunges, shedding a kot of the excess fluid, drinking only cofee . . . i harassed for this, and it is black, and i live it. sister is here and being hosted by my bestie t_money, and they are in charge of my rock star beuty rituals even during this, must feel rock star. liove each card from around the world, love and thank you all, still looking at surgery for tuesday to finish the lymphatic repairs, but progress has been made today!

thank you all!
thanks to my loving parents. they overwhelm me with their love support and hugs.

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  1. day, so glad to hear it! Good luck with your surgery next week!

  2. Whooooo hoooooo!! Welcome to the other side!!! I'm 1 month post liver transplant and as happy as a clam! tehehee!!! You ROOOOOOOOOOOOOCK!!

  3. love this post because i love good days, so glad you had a good day


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