Monday, September 20, 2010

Cat says Mommy

This is tonight’s news, since you are all enjoying video-CG so much ! This is also an open inquiry for tips on post-transplant muscle fatigue/atrophy and soreness as you re-build. I lost a lot of muscles in my legs and butt and today, horrifyingly, I remembered that when I was in the ICU in the fall of 2009, they told me that for every DAY of bed-rest, one needs a WEEK of rehab. By that standard, I might be singing RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER by the time my ass is back in shape. ughie!



  1. Your sidekick needs to understand that biting the hand that feeds you is not a good idea. Glad you are up and about and I love the videos you've been posting. It's nice to hear the voice that goes with the words on the posts. :-)

    Peaceful Things. :-)

  2. Hey! I found your blog right after I was listed for transplant, which is the same day that you GOT your transplant. I too am a cat lover (yay) and we have 2 cats. I am curious about what your center has told you about how to co-exist with our furry loved ones. Maybe you could email me and we could swap ideas... P.s. I love the video blogs!

  3. 1) sam still sleeps with me, though only on the foot of my bed (shhh! don't tell anyone!). on the other hand he's a hypoallergenic little guy, so maybe that's the difference.

    2) dude, rebuilding muscle SUCKS. i kept crying randomly when i got home, and everyone thought it was post-tx depression. turns out it was mostly the drugs (i kept bumping up the steroids b/c of rejection) and the fact that i was constantly sore. for me there was literally just a day when i suddenly felt better. not perfect, but like 99% better. like flicking a switch. hoping hoping hoping it works that way for you and you wake up soon (today? tmw?) feeling like you can take on the world. which you can, obviously.

    3) love that you still got out for ice cream today and that you're hitting the mall already! you go, rockstar! did you mask up?

  4. Holy cow! You are so tough I am in awe. The mall!? I get exhausted from being there myself.

    Adorable kitty, and adorable you, as always.


  5. My Labrador sleeps in bed with me her body above Denise's head and her head on or near my pillow. She has done that since she was a puppy now she is like 70 pounds and stil thinks she fits

    Pipers "switch" comment is spot day I was miserable, no energy, couldn't eat, hated it all and then all started to look up...and now its great....I'm betting your "switch" is going to flip soon!

    and by the way your cat nibbledyor hand then you put it to your'm telling!

  6. omg you guys are all a bad influence on me regarding pets in the bed! I think it is more strict regarding cats because of their whole litter box/ claws/ paws situation.

    And, today I do feel a lot better!


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