Monday, September 20, 2010

So tired and drug interactions and Q/A


So yesterday’s post starring B-Kitty posed a few questions to your friend CG.

1) What is my center’s guidelines for pets? No birds. No new pets until a year post-tx (which was very sad for me, as I hoped to get another cat for B-Kitty after poor S-Purry passed away), wash hands after petting, stay updated on vaccinations, and that’s about it.  For cats- Tx patients CANNOT do cat litter because of toxoplasmosis and also cat-scratch fever (a real disease).  Luckily, I have the automatic litter box and my Mom changes it every couple of weeks. HOWEVER, other centers are dead-set against pets in the bed, and its probably not THAT great of an idea.

2) Did I wear a mask to go to the mall? I was all prepared to, but when T-Money and I arrived at the mall it was like a ghost town, so it seemed funny to and pointless to wear the mask. On the other hand,  (and a true sign of the economy), the next day my Mother and I went to Moody Street for ice cream and stopped in both the thrift store and the dollar store (we love a bargain)-and both were PACKED, so I did wear my mask.

In other news, I was exhausted today and am not sure exactly what was wrong. The day started with me eating breakfast and stupidly taking my morning pills with a coca-cola. WTF was I thinking? I got immediate awful heartburn, so I did what I love to do most, popped a tums. PROBLEM! I had just taken my CellCept, so my heartburn turned into nauseousness and general OH LORD WHAT HAVE I DONE? There was a moment that came when I could have puked, and I should have, because the next hour was a hell of stomach cramps and general OH MY.

Then I did my exercise, but the rest of the day I was exhausted and I had the sweats and the cold/hot/cold/hot during my nap and all day. Theories:

Still tired from Saturday

Long lingered drug interaction

Fighting off a bug

Adjusting to new Prednisone dose

The DTs from not taking any oxycodone today (and I did feel better after I took some….)

All of the above and maybe just a bad day.

Okay, this post has gotten long enough! Goodnight, cg


  1. Yes I was told about animals, I am still pre transplant. I have a cat and a rabbit. Me and my roommate are in the midsts of training my cat to use the toilet,he has already got his cat to use the toilet. So there will me no more stinky litter boxs in the house. Now I wonder if we can teach them to flush? lol. As for my rabbit they said just to make sure I wear gloves and a mask. And then of course they said I could not own any reptiles or birds. Its crazy you dont realize how much your imune system looks after you in your day to day affairs.

  2. You know what my tx pulmonologist told me after tx..."I have two words for you: rat. poison.", way overboard! My tx surgeon said just to be careful! I had gotten Roxy (our dog) a year before transplant. We keep her updated on shots etc. I don't worry about much else...but I guess I was more careful in the beginning. My parents did have birds, who had to be given away :(

  3. as a survivor of cat scratch fever, i can tell you ted nugent didn't know the half of it *smile* so glad you get to cuddle the kitty still!


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