Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Outpatient Bronchoscopy Tomorrow

Ugho. Knowing me as you do, blog family, you know I had to spend today worrying about this.

FYI: What is a bronchoscopy? A bronchosopy or “bronch” is when they use conscious sedation (you are awake but all high, but still requires to participate in the procedure actively), they numb your mouth and throat really well (hopefully), and they use a flexible scope and camera to look all around the inside of your lungs, and sometimes they take samples, which they can test for early signs of infection or rejection before they present themselves as illness (when they’re just a’brewin’).

How Often Do Tx Patients Get a Bronch? At my center, at few days after surgery, at 2 weeks, at a month, three months, 6 months, and a year or whenever your surgeon wants. For me, the schedule is messed up because they bronched me during 2 of my 3 thoracotomies, while I was “under.” So, my last bronch was on my 30th birthday, Aug. 11th.  YAY! jk. So, I got to skip my 1 month bronch which would have been Aug. 27th because by then the med team had finally figured out that I needed a long “healing” time after my FIVE FRIGGIN SURGERIES (even though they call 2 of them procedures). 

Tonight, I have to go to bed early because . . .  I’m sleepy. I leave you with this.

Who says cats don’t like to go for walks?Becky Leashed


  1. That is so cute. is that a cat harness or dog harness?

  2. My sister is a follower of your blog, and when I called and told her I was the back-up for a set of lungs, she sent me your link saying, I think this is the primary! (you were) Since then, I've been following your progress in amazement. I finally had my transplant september 8; tomorrow is my first outpatient post-transplant clinic appointment! I know our paths won't cross tomorrow, but I hope everything goes smoothly for you during the bronch! I sent your sister an email while you were still in the ICU and she held down the blog, I don't know if my well-wishes were passed on to you. Thanks for being a good source of inspiration and motivation! Please email me if you would like, I'd love to hear from you!

  3. Coughing during a bronch would be bad so to make sure you don't, take a large dose of laxitives beforhand. Then you will be afraid to cough.

  4. @Bob, It is technically a dog harness. There were cat harnesses but they looked flimsy and I wanted a nice padded one.

    @P, I did Cough but only when told to and I did not... you know. That's a good tip though. HA!


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