Saturday, September 4, 2010

team america/south park montage song

I feel like so much has gone on in the last 5 weeks that I don't know where to start. My brother recommended that I make a montage. Will start tomorrow.



  1. CG-

    I'll tell you what happened while you were in the hospital:

    Things in the middle east were kinda dicey.
    People argued about taxes.
    I could not find new sandals that fit me.
    The Mad Men season & Project Runway started.
    There was a lot of construction on the roads.
    Some bad movies came out and some good, too.
    People got hair cuts (refer to above good/bad).
    Some people think our president is not really who he says he is, but actually a Muslim guy named Harry, or something.
    I drank a lot of Starbucks drinks.
    Many people prayed for you in their own ways.
    The sun rose,the sun set. Also, the moon.
    Cats and dogs everywhere managed the heat.
    Oh! And people ate pickles.


  2. Hahaha great choice, funny cause me and my roommate were just talking about this movie yesterday.

  3. Ammmmerica, fuck yeah! Beth, fuck yeah!


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